Manchester Times, Saturday April 9, 1887, Page 8

The original article

Notice concerning The Growth of Children


(Transcription by Jørgen Malling Christensen)


THE GROWTH OF CHILDREN. – For three years Mr M.Hansen, the director of the Deaf and Dumb Institution at Copenhagen, has weighed and measured daily all his pupils, and he reports having made the following observations: The growth of children is not regular or progressive, but proceeds at intervals after rest.  Their weight increases only after periods of equilibrium. When the weight increases the height remains nearly stationary, and vice versa. The maximum increase in height corresponds with a period of minimum increase of weight. These variations are also affected by the seasons, thus during the autumn and the beginning of winter the child increases in weight, but its height is hardly changed. On the other hand, during the spring the height is appreciably increased, but there is no addition to the weight.